Landscaping Work

Landscaping Work


Ask infra offers comprehensive project development & maintenance related expertise for Landscaping & Plantation, Irrigation System, Horticulture Gardening, and Terrace Garden.

In India, Vedas have detail study of landscape design and Vastu Shastras, these ancient books set principles for planning structures in relation to the natural landscape. Relationships with mountains; the home of the gods, rivers as goddesses, square form represented the earth, circular form represented heaven, Mandala represent earth and heaven. Where in China landscape design study is available in Feng Shui, which means in English as Air and Water; which is used to describe a set of general principles for the designing in relation to the natural landscape. The main focus has been to form the most auspicious environment possible.

Why Ask infra:

We provide specialized services based on latest techniques & material for creation of landscape features like planting group, floral layout, lake, ponds, water features, natural boulders with mounds, pergola, garden walkways, deck, tree house, arches & fences, bamboo hut etc

Soil Profile for turf grasses & plants:

We start our work with soil & water test report to ensure optimum fertility in soil with accurate physical and chemical properties; sand :clay :silt (%), percentage of organic matter, optimum water holding capacity, soil bulk density, electrical conductivity, porosity and soil structure, micro-nutrients etc.

Irrigation System Design & Installation:

We provide latest water technology like drip irrigation system and pop-up. Micro sprinklers, foggers, sub-soil surface system with weather system, fully/semi/manual operated irrigation system with international and indigenous combination to make it sustainable & affordable.

Terrace Garden:

We possess specialization to form a terrace garden based upon client need or available area. We provide complete solution to develop a terrace garden with our design services with irrigation & drainage system, special terrace garden planting & turf specs.

Nursery Development:

We offer our expertise to design, develop a nursery for ornamental trees, palms, shrubs, creepers, conifers, specimen & landscape plants, turf, floriculture (flower seedlings & pots), herbal & vegetable seedling & pots.

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    Company Vision

  • Ask infra has a vision to ensure quality, meet standards set by industry and to lead as trend setters by providing optimum and rich solution to our clients.